Moon Dreamers is the third episode of the second season of Lego: The Animated Series (1997-2002 Series). It was aired on September 26, 1998.


Pepper Roni and his friends was sleep, and dream about Everything but Satan gets Pepper Roni and his Friends Dreams away and to the moon. So, the Pepper Roni and his friends team-up and gets their Dreams back.

Cast and CharactersEdit

  • Tom Kenny as Mr. Bob
  • Michael Keaton as Luke Nelson
  • TBA as Pepper Roni
  • TBA as Bill Ding
  • TBA as Infomaniac
  • TBA as Alex Crawly
  • TBA as Dr. Kilroy
  • Scott Bakula as Dr. Don't
  • TBA as King Dreamer

More to come...


  • TBA as Satan

More to come...


  • Lego Island
  • Dream World
  • Moon